In this digital age, you need a website that works for you. This means a modern design, clean layout, and easy navigation. Without these and other crucial elements, your site is little more than a placeholder. Likewise, if your website designer cannot deliver a fully functional site, or doesn’t respond to your needs, it’s time to start looking elsewhere.


1. Your Website Loads Really Slowly

Page load speed is one of the most crucial factors to your website, and your designer should know this. Audiences today will wait mere seconds for your content to appear. If it does not, they’ll quickly move to the next site. This essentially means your site is driving people away rather than bringing them to your brand.

A slow page load can also negatively affect your ranking on search engines. Google is especially harsh in the way it judges on-page experience, meaning you need a developer who can deliver:

  • HTTPS security
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Quick page speed


2. A Series of Missed Deadlines

When a developer promises your site will be ready in a certain number of weeks but fails to deliver, it’s time to start shopping. A few missed deadlines can be overlooked, but those that pertain to big launches or critical updates need to be prioritized. A developer who doesn’t understand this either does not take your project seriously or is mismanaging tasks. The bottom line is that your online presence helps drive your brand’s overall success.

3. Slow Communication

When you have questions about your website, you need answers. Not in a few days or several weeks, but within 24 hours (preferably sooner). If your designer continues to ignore your questions or fails to provide timely feedback, you may need to give your project to someone else. Strong communication encourages trust between you and your designer; it also ensures milestones are met as seamlessly as possible and provides you with peace of mind.


4. Little to No Knowledge of Your Industry

This is a point that deserves an explanation. By knowledge, we mean your developer should be willing to sit with you, ask questions, and learn about your business. He or she needs to understand:
  • Your Victoria, TX, staff
  • Your customers
  • Your products and/or services
  • What makes you unique

Without this information, your site will feel flat. Customers glean a very specific feel from the tone. If your website looks haphazardly done and contains only filler content, clients will perceive it as being insincere. In turn, they’ll leave and likely check out your competitors. But a tone that is welcoming and informative will keep visitors on your site longer, which improves the chances of them making a purchase and increases your search engine rankings.

5. Claims Your Site Won’t Work on All Browsers

In no particular order, here are the browsers most commonly used today:
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Firefox

It is imperative that your website works compatibly with these and all the other browsers now in use. If your current Victoria, TX, designer cannot provide this level of consistency, he or she is cutting you short. You’re reaching only a percentage of the audience members searching for your service – meaning you’re also missing out on growth. The purpose of your site is to reach all users on whatever browser they’re using.

6. You Meet With One Person, But Your Designer Is Another

You need to meet with the person actually developing your site. It’s fine to initially consult with the business owner or another team member, but once your site build gets underway, you and the designer must have direct contact. This can be achieved with phone calls, video conferences, or online messaging platforms.
Regardless of the means you choose, a clear path of communication ensures the elements you need get included on your website. When you incorporate a third party into the conversation, however, information may be delivered only partially or, sometimes, not at all.


7. Your Victoria, TX, Website Has Navigation Issues

Sometimes, your web’s overall design and navigation get lost in SEO, content, and other equally important pieces. But your website needs to be a complete package, and that includes providing customers with easy navigation. Pages that cannot be readily located, broken links, and a confusing design immediately create a negative user experience.

Think about the way you feel when you land on a website that doesn’t provide the relevant information. If you feel irritated at times with your online experience, your customers may feel the exact same way with your site. Stop this frustration and speak to a designer who can deliver a smooth layout, well-defined pages, and a crisp design.

8. You Lack Responsive Web Design

Also known as RWD, responsive web design means your site adapts to any device a consumer uses: laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or PC. RWD also means your site works with screens of various resolutions so that anyone can learn about your offerings.
To illustrate, users should be able to switch to a mobile view of your site while using their phones. Statistics show over 90% of the worldwide Internet population searches online with a mobile device. You, therefore, need a developer who can give you a responsive design that works on any device.


9. Your Website Has Poor SEO

Search engine optimization gets a ton of attention for a reason: it is the key to getting your website found in search engines. In other words, SEO helps bring customers to you. The premise is to incorporate words or phrases that pertain to your business.

Your site is a tool to generate new leads, and if it’s not working to this effect, the SEO is likely lacking. A new website designer can help ramp this up using targeted keywords and great organization. And the better your site’s SEO, the easier it becomes to get in front of customers.

10. Simple Edits Have Become Cost-Prohibitive

If your current developer charges a premium to make edits, you can save time and money with a new designer. Many of today’s sites can be built without a degree in programming or advanced skills in HTML. This makes it easier and faster to enter the digital back office and make changes. A new developer can similarly provide structured, affordable pricing and ensure your website continues to grow with updated:

  • Text copy
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Pages


11. Your Current Design Is More Than Five Years old

Most businesses need a site redesign every four to six years. Not only do design trends change and evolve, but your business also does the same. Your site needs to keep pace with these ongoing cycles so customers know exactly who you are. Over time, you’ll likely add or change staff members, tweak your services, and refine your brand. A fresh design can easily convey this information; it also shows you’re a relevant contender in the marketplace.

If your website reflects any of the above elements, it’s time to speak with a new website designer. We can incorporate the many professional elements a website needs – SEO, RWD, and quick load speeds – with a dynamic design and fast turn-around. Call M&D Digital Advertising today and get the powerful online presence your business needs.

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